Tuesday, 5 July 2011

British Beaches in the Movies: No Bette Midler, we promise

When you think of beaches and films what do you think of? Probably Bette Midler and, consequently, that girl who used to star in the hit TV show Blossom. But the newly-released British film Third Star (2011) has got me thinking about beaches as locations and the tempestuousness and romanticism the coastline can inject into a picture.

Third Star is a small, poignant film directed by Hattie Dalton. Benedict Cumberbatch’s character is dying of cancer and he and three friends return to the Pembrokeshire coast of their youth to reminisce, review and generally bond. I don’t mean to knock the acting performances, as they’re very polished, but there is a sense throughout that the real star of Third Star is Barafundle Bay, one of the most beautiful beaches in Wales. Wales itself is no stranger to film crews. Up the coast, Cardigan boasts the idyllic mile-long sandy Penbryn Beach which was used as a location in Die Another Day (2002), where it stood in for North Korea (and somehow got away with it).

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